Welcome to Whitchurch magazine

The Editors proudly holding the magazine: Our very own Dr Norma Raynes and Sharon Marriott from Make Your House A Home

We are thrilled to tell you about the publication of the new magazine ‘Welcome to Whitchurch’. This will be a welcome addition to the town of Whitchurch and will provide residents and businesses with the latest information from around the town from a business directory, market stall contacts and pre school activities to name a few.

This year, 2019, is its first year of publication. It will be updated each year and be produced in both print and web formats.

We want to thank Councillor Moyse and the team in the town of Wem for inspiring us to get on and create this Welcome to Whitchurch brochure, and for their advice about how to do it.

We owe a big thank you to lots of people in Whitchurch, whose energy and commitment to our town, over many years, have produced several guides to the town, and its website. We have been able to build on their work.

All entries in this brochure have been provided at no cost to the organisations, services and businesses in it. To cover our costs, we have sought sponsors.

We have focused on the town of Whitchurch this year. If there are omissions or errors, we take responsibility for those. If there are corrections or additions you would like to see in next year’s edition, then please contact us at: enquiries@fromgeneration2generation.org.uk. This is the charity supporting the development of Welcome to Whitchurch and its annual production.

Copies this year will go to all businesses and homes in the town and the Civic Centre. Future editions will be available in the Civic Centre, estate agents and local businesses.

The magazine was designed by Cahill Creative, and printed by Audlem Printers

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