Thank you Chairman

The chairman who helped us make our way and contribute to realising the longevity dividend and realising that shared places and spaces were good for children, young and old people: The board’s thank you to Professor Emerita Carolyn Kagan.

Professor Emerita Carolyn Kagan has been the Chairman of FromGeneration2Generation, since its inception and before that was the chairman of Intergen from 1999.

She has guided the organisation with good humour and vision, through many ups and downs to help us realise the goals of the organisation to make sure that no lives are wasted and opportunities and to grow and develop and solve problems are enabled, by bringing the young people and children in a neighbourhood, together with older people who live there, to solve their problems and enrich their lives.

Professor Kagan, Carolyn as she is known to all the trustees, saw beyond the bottom line of finance to the hopes and possibilities of the future growth in ideas and the potential of adoption of these for the benefit of more people in our society.

She resigned from the role of chairman of From Generation2Generation at the end of 2019. We will miss her sense of fun and critical analytical skills, her willingness to put up with changes in meeting dates, and the down sides as well as the upsides of modern technology. Her note taking skills and ability to summarise where we were and wanted to be, and keep us in control, at the same time as letting us dream dreams, were strengths that will be hard to replace. We all thank her for her great support for this small, but important organisation, and wish her well for the future.

Find a new chairman we must, so, if there is anyone out there who is interested in taking on the role Carolyn carried out for 10 years so well, then please get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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