“The older you get the more you learn about life, that’s obvious isn’t it?…”

Asks Sarah Montague, as she began her interview with our chief executive Norma Raynes on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme on April 21st.

Sarah introduced Norma describing here as “is a grandmother, chief executive of the charity From Generation2Generation, which aims to create quotes, “innovative local solutions to the problems facing young and old people by bringing them together to support and inspire each other.”

Norma, CEO of from Generation2Generation tells us how she came to be interviewed.

My phone rang. It was Peter Snowdon from the BBC. ‘Would I be able to come to the BBC tomorrow morning… They would send a car for 7.a.m… #GrannyWisdom…

I know I said yes, I know I was sitting in Manchester waiting for a train back to London and it was 4.30 on Thursday afternoon. I was so excited. That is all I truly remember!

London was at its most beautiful sparkling best as we drove through the traffic-less streets that sunny Friday morning, April 21. I was really excited, not knowing what was going to happen, only that Hannah Witton whom I had not met, and only knew as @Hannahwitton, would be there.

Up we went to the Green Room. Sitting waiting for a few minutes drinking water.  Then we were ushered through a door. We were in The Today studio, #r4today.

Nick Robinson was interviewing a senator from Paris about the French election, next to him was Sarah Montague who looked up and smiled.

Hannah and I sat down opposite them in front of two microphones. The studio was small. Just the four of us, as the door into the studio closed silently behind us.

The French senator paused and was encouraged to add her final thought by Nick Robinson. Then Sarah pushed down a monitor separating me and her and began…

Listen to the interview here…


You can watch the highlights here aswell…


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