From Generation 2 Generation plans to bring the full festival to Manchester 

The festival has two aims

1. To promote the idea of healthy ageing and improving quality of life for older people with an Intergenerational European Film Festival in different European cities, to include for starters, Frankfurt am Main, Hanau, Heidelberg, Mannheim, Lisbon, London, and Manchester

2. To create through the film festival a new opportunity for social exchange between old and young people, enabling them to watch films together, from all over Europe, in a local cinema or community centre so they can meet each other, get to know more about each other and and exchange views about the films.

The festival shows a wide range of commercial movies from all over Europe. You can see the films shown at all the festivals since it started in 2010 here

Each film is followed by Q&A sessions to encourage active engagement by the audience.

The film festival is a true visual feast of commercial movies that stimulate the brain and ensure that there is plenty to discuss with friends and fellow cinema goers there and then. Having left the cinema and for a long time thereafter,  the amazing movies that are the essence of the festival, provide  much to talk about to family and friends .

The films portray positive images of older people. Some of them include both older and younger people and tell us more about how they see and relate to each other and what they learn about life from their exchanges.

The film festival encourages interaction using a mixture of activities, e.g. having a Silver Screen Lounge with tea and coffee, film discussions with directors, actors, film experts or other interested local partners working in the field of health promotion for older people.

For further information about the festival in Germany contact:
Tel.: + 49 – 69 212-34 502

For further information about the festival in London contact: